green problems, a teal umbrella

More about the organisational phases, on problems of the green mindset and how teal aims to fix them.

a reminder: red -> amber -> orange -> green -> teal

Numerous companies operate at the green level, and life, as well as work, can be fabulous in there. But there exist some problems there. A green organisation can reach a dead-end in tribalism. It often ends up as overly patriotic and soft inside.

The analogy of a family has a warm and fuzzy ring to it, but it also emphasises some of the problems that emerge from green thinking. A family member is someone who you are bound to by blood and the relationship of other family members. Hard facts and realities must sometime yield in front of emotions and psychological barriers. Business is seen as secondary to the family. Customers are not seen important enough. The green community is self-contained and bordered; it dwarfs the spread of culture.

A green person frowns upon past methods of organising and aims to be the opposite of everything the older ways represent. Management and organising become awkward, as old lessons are abandoned, and everything is supposed to happen automatically. Business is secondary, and chaos begins to seep into the organisation.

A teal party steps back and sees at all levels at once. It realises all previous modes of organising have their pros and cons. Business and people can exist in harmony. Hierarchies and roles depend on the situation.

A teal entity is egoless, in the sense that it envisions a purpose greater than itself. All past lessons become usable and using them viable. Reaching a teal level is like emerging into another dimension. From there we can see all other phases in their entirety, at the same time, whereas previously we could barely inspect what was behind.


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